Play MegaMillions and PowerBall from Colombia

All Colombian users have sometimes thought about the possibility of winning one of the super millionaire jackpots that American lotteries accumulate, either MegaMillions or PowerBall. And the first thing that comes to mind is, if it is possible to play these lotteries from your country.

What at the beginning could look like a big inconvenience for Colombians not resident in any of the American states that manage these lotteries, has an easy and convenient solution.

Online platforms that manage and intermediate the sale of lotteries internationally, such as, facilitate the management through agents who make the purchase physically in any of the states.

Both games have similar characteristics. In PowerBall the main panel is composed of 69 squares numbered 1 to 69, and the numbered secondary panel 1 to 26, and offers upnine award categories:

Categories CombinationPrize Prize
1 5 numbers +Powerball Biggest Jackpot


2 5 Numbers $ 1,000,000 USD

3,056,600,000 COP

3 4 Numbers + powerball $ 50,000 USD

152,830,000 COP

4 4 Numbers $ 100 USD

305,660 COP

5 3 Numbers + powerball $ 100 USD

305,660 COP

6 3 Numbers $ 7 USD

21,396 COP

7 2 Numbers + powerball $ 7 USD

21,396 COP

8 1 Numbers + powerball $ 4 USD

12,226 COP

9 The powerball $ 4 USD

12,226 COP

In Megamillions, the main panel consists of 70 squares numbered from 1 to 70, and the secondary panel numbered from 1 to 25

Categories Combination for prize Prize
1 5 Numbers + mega ball Jackpot


2 5 Numbers e$ 1,000,000 USD

3,056,600,000 COP

3 4 Numbers + mega ball $ 10,000 USD

30,566.00 COP

4 4 Numbers $ 500 USD

1,528,300 COP

5 3 Numbers + mega ball $ 20 0 USD

611,320 COP

6 3 Numbers $ 10 USD

30,566 COP

7 2 Numbers + mega ball $ 10 USD

30,566 COP

8 1 Numbers + megaball $ 4 USD

12,226 COP

9 The mega ball $ 2 USD

6,113 COP

You can participate 4 times a week, in the draws offered by PowerBall (Wednesdays and Saturdays), and the MegaMillions (Tuesdays and Fridays).

Advantages of playing MegaMillions and PowerBall for Colombian users

Now you can play from Colombia to the most important lotteries in the world, in an easy, comfortable, fast and secure way from any mobile device or desktop computer.

Through our platform, we offer you the best online information about results and awards, a wide variety of payment methods and the security of a serious and responsible company.

When you buy a ticket through our platform, it is as if you did it in person in an administration or retail store.

    • Convenience in the acquisition of your plays in Mega Millions and / or PowerBall, through secure protocols implanted in the platform
    • Punctual information of new raffles and promotions in a personalized way.
    • Immediate entry into the user account of the prizes won.
    • Control through your user account of all movements that have been made: Income, payments, awards, etc …
    • Ease of deposit methods and withdrawals.
    • Participation in raffles and bonuses created by LottoHoy
  • Services that will be added for the satisfaction of our customers

And all of them without leaving your home, place of work or wherever you are.

How to create a user account to play a lottery from Colombia

Creating a user account on our platform is really easy. From the main page of the platform, you will find in the upper right a box that invites you to register.

Simply clicking on it fill in the data requested by the pop-up that appears, and follow the steps that are indicated.

You will receive an email to confirm and from that moment you open a range of information that can clarify any questions that arise. In addition, you will also have a support service to clear any doubts.