Play Florida Lotto

Florida Lotto is a lottery game that is played preferably in the state of Florida, and although tickets sales are  done exclusively through their  own network of distributors (about 13,000 throughout the state), it has currently reached such a level of acceptance that from other states they travel to buy tickets for this millionaire lottery, since the organiser does not sell online.

How do you play the Florida Lotto?

The original ticket consists of 10 columns or lines of play. In each of these columns there are 53 boxes, numbered from 1 to 53 respectively, for the player to place their bet by selecting six numbers manually or by using the “quick pick” option. This way, the system itself randomly chooses the six numbers that make up the bet.

In addition, it consists of complementary options with a supplementary price to obtain extra profits.
The extra winnings can be cash when selecting the EZmatch box together with the main bet, or also multiply by 2, 3 or 4 times the prizes of any category, except for the first category. (At the moment, only the main game is available in LottoHoy).

What days is the Florida Lottery played?

There are two weekly drawings, every Wednesday and Saturday, at 11:15 pm ET.

Ticket sales close one hour earlier in order to facilitate timely system and dealer checks.

How much does each Florida Lotto bet cost?

Although the Florida Lotto is not currently sold online, tickets for all drawings can be purchased through our platform. These tickets are 100% official.
At Lottohoy you can buy your official tickets from as little as $2, a price that is hard to find on the Internet. (This amount may vary depending on the dollar vs euro exchange rate).

How to buy Florida Lotto?

Buying tickets and playing the Florida Lotto, is really easy and convenient through our online platform.

  • Within the Florida Lotto itself, in the play section, you can make the bets you want, there is a five column template, but you can expand it as many times as you want by simply clicking on the “More lines” box.
  • In each column you must check six  boxes out of the 53 available.
  • This choice can be made manually by clicking  on each box, or by allowing the system to randomly choose a combination.
  • By clicking on “Continue”, you can access the payment page. The player can confirm or add more tickets to his bets.
  • On the payout screen, a wide range of payment methods are displayed, ranging from credit cards and electronic purse systems to even crypto-currencies

Florida Lotto Prizes

A minimum jackpot of US$ 2,000,000 is assumed, which is accumulated for subsequent draws in the event that there are no first category winners.

  • There are four prize categories in the Florida Lotto results:
  • The first category: for those who match the entire winning combination (six numbers). You win the accumulated jackpot amount for that drawing.
  • Second category: for those who match the five-number combination with a fixed prize of $5,000.
  • Third category: for those who match four numbers with a fixed prize, of 70 US$.
  • Fourth category: for the 3 number winners, with a prize of 5 US$