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Play Polish lottery online

The Polish lottery or “Lotto of Poland” is a very interesting lottery because of the low price of its bets and the prizes that can be achieved.

This is a lottery with some very basic rules, you just have to hit 6 numbers ranged from 1 to 49, and it allows you up to 3 categories or prize levels.

How to play the Polish lotto online?

The Polish lottery uses a 6/49 system, that means that you have to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49 to obtain the winning combination. Each single bet costs only 1.99 EUR.

There are basically 4 prize categories. In the first category there is always a guaranteed minimum prize of 2,000,000 Zloti (€ 465,000). In the remaining categories there is no guaranteed amount, but an assigned percentage of the collected for that particular draw is distributed.

The only exception is for the 3-number winners (the troika) who has a prize of 24 Zloti for each winner.

What days are the lottery in Poland drawn?

The draws are held three draws per week. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7:40 p.m. GMT.

Advantages of buying lottery from Poland online

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