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Mon & Wed Lotto expands the offer of lottery games in Australia with a draw on Mondays and Wednesdays every week. Between all the Australian lotteries, it is the one that has the cheaper betting cost, for that reason it is interesting to participate. Everyone is invited!

How to play the Mon & Wed Lotto?

To participate in any of the two draws of Mon & Wed Lotto, you must choose a combination of 6 minimum numbers, from a grid consisting of a total of 45 numbers (from 1 to 45).

On draw days, 8 balls are drawn at random. The first six will form the winning combination, while the last two are considered the “complementary” balls to determine lower prize categories.

Variations in the regulations to date

Like all important lotteries, Mon & Wed Lotto has undergone variations in its game regulations to better adapt to the demands of the market and the player expectations.

  • Being initially designed as a game for Mondays, it was decided to add a second draw midweek, determining that it was on Wednesday from November 21, 1984.
  • In 1989 this second weekly raffle was moved to Thursdays, until 1996 , that with the occasion of the appearance of the PowerBall AU on Thursdays, it made its return to Wednesdays.
  • When the game started there were a total of 40 balls, which was subsequently increased to 44 and currently to 45.
  • In August 1990, a second complementary ball was added to the draw.
  • In 2012, a fixed prize of AUD $1 million was established for each winner (up to a maximum of 4) of the first category, and a 6th category of prizes was added.

What days is Mon & Wed Lotto played?

As its name suggests, the Mon & Wed Lotto is drawn twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. Australian local time.

Occasionally they can make “superdraws” raffles on Mondays with a special prize for the first category.

How much does Monday & Wednesday Lotto ticket  cost?

At LottoHoy you can play the Australian Mon & Wed Lotto from €1.01 per game column. The most competitive price you will find online for an official lottery ticket.

How to buy the Mon & Wed Lotto?

Purchase and participate in the draws of the Mon & Wed Lotto through our platform is very simple, easy and convenient.

Simply open a user account and follow the steps that are required:

When accessing the game page, make the bet or bets that you desire using the columns (also called lines) that are displayed. Initially, 5 columns will appear, but they can be expanded as many times as desired simply by clicking on the “More lines” box.

In each column, only 6 boxes will be marked to set the bet. This combination can be done manually or by allowing the system itself to choose a random combination for the player. This random selection is made by placing the cursor on the column and an upper box indicating “quick selection” appears.

Once determined the number of columns (bets) that you wish, just click the green button with the word “continue”, shows us what we could define as a shopping cart, and in case of compliance proceed to the payment through the box “pay now”.

A new screen opens showing us a range of means of payment. from credit cards and systems known as Skrill or Neteller, to a wide variety of payment methods, including through cryptocurrencies.

Mon & Wed Lotto Guaranteed Prizes

Mon & Wed Lotto guarantees 6 prize categories as shown below:

  • First category. Success of the 6 numbers of the winning combination. Guaranteed a prize of AUD $ 1 Million (up to a maximum of four winners)
  • Second category. Hit 5 numbers plus at least one of the two complementary numbers. The prize for this category is based on the collection.
  • Third category. Hit 5 numbers of the winning combination. The prize for this category is based on the collection.
  • Fourth category. Hit 4 numbers of the winning combination. The prize for this category is based on the collection.
  • Fifth category. Hit 3 numbers plus at least one of the 2 complementary numbers. The prize for this category is based on the collection.
  • Sixth category. Hit of 1 or 2 numbers plus the 2 complementary numbers. The prize for this category is based on the collection.
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