Winner of $ 450 million in Mega MIllions: “Oh My God”

$450 millones en Mega Millions

The luck is totally surprising, and you do not know for sure when it’s going to knock on your door. From betting, lotteries and games in general, a book could be written about curiosities that have surrounded each awarded prize.

At the beginning of 2018, concretely in the Mega Millions draw of the 5th of January, a surprised young man of only 20 years was the only winner of the first category prize (5 balls + the MegaBall) with a jackpot of $ 450 million.

The curious thing is that this young man named Shane Missler, resident in Florida, could not imagine that when he received a small prize with a “scratch card” ticket, that he used to buy a ticket of 5 lottery combinations of Mega Millions, the luck was knocking at his door.

When he learned that he was the winner of $ 450 million, the first thing he did was call his brother to tell him, and then posted on his Twitter account a simple but enthusiastic: “Oh My God”.

The next morning and acting in a somewhat responsible way for his youth and in those circumstances, he spoke quietly with his father, while drinking coffee. He could not celebrate taking a good drink of liquor, because at that age is not yet allowed to do so publicly.

This young winner, duly advised by a Tampa attorney, decided to create a trust and establish Shane Missler as sole administrator. This trust is registered as “Secret 007, LLC”.

He requested the payment on a single payment, which would correspond a gross total before taxes of $ 281,874,999.

When he appeared on the press, he was asked if he already had time to plan what he would do with so much money. Shane said that he was convinced he would win and for that reason he was not surprised, so he indicated that with that money, he would fulfill some of his dreams, help his family and try to do something good for humanity.