In search of the highest PowerBall AU jackpot

Bote histórico Powerball AU

For the first time in 22 years of history, the PowerBall AU lottery was able to accumulate a possible jackpot of AUD $ 100.000.000.
Only on a previous occasion, in 2012, the Lottery OZ Lotto had delivered a jackpot for that amount which meant the highest prize ever paid in lotteries in Australia, and that time was divided among 4 lucky people.

Until the PowerBall AU draw was held on August 16th of 2018, the expectation was to know if there would be a single winner, thus surpassing the AUD $ 70.000.000 prize won in 2016 by a couple in Hervey Bay, Queensland.

Given this expectation, it was normal to see long lines of excited players in front of the lottery offices, and especially where it was felt more this euphoria was in the press kiosk “Newsagency on 5” in the Westfield shopping center in Parramatta.
The predilection for this kiosk, was motivated because just a month earlier, in the superdraw of Saturday Lotto, gave away a prize of AUD $ 20,000,000 to a single winner of the first category, and naturally many people thought that luck calls two times to the same door.

The AUD $100.000.000 jackpot

And the date of the draw arrived , on August 16th of 2018. Date that will be marked forever in the memory of the two lucky winners of the extraordinary prize. Finally, each of them won AUD $ 50,000,000, after having hit the 7 main balls and the powerball.

So far the winners remain anonymous, and it is only known that the two winning tickets were sold in Riverwood, south of Sydney and Canterbury-Bankstown west of Sydney, this data was provided by the organization.
To these winners, you must also add the two establishments that sold the tickets, since they also participate in a percentage (awarded by the organizer “Tatts”) of the prize they get, and in this case represents a nice amount.