Polish Lotto FAQ

Draws are held each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The minimum jackpot in the Polish Lotto is 2.000.000 PLN.

What is the Polish lottery?

The  Polish Lottery has been handing out luck since 1957, making it quite an old lottery. Initially, it was called “Toto Lotek”, until the name was changed in 1975 by Duży Lotek. It was not until October 2009 that it was changed again to its current name, Polish Lotto.

This lottery is user-friendly because the bet cost is really low. However, it has generated significant jackpots comprising millions of euros.

The most significant prize was given out in September 2011, with a jackpot of 56,160,000 Zloti (approximately € 13,000,000). In November 2012 there was another jackpot of 51,330,000 Zloti (€ 11,950,000) and the third big pot of 40,460,000 Zloti (€ 9,400,000) was given away in November 2008

How to play the Polish lottery?

To play the Polish lotto online go directly to the play page, where  you see the jackpot amount for the next draw.

Then, you can see five columns with boxes that have numbers between 1 and 49 respectively. Each of these columns corresponds to a bet or ticket, and you can select as many as you want, by clicking on the lower box that indicates MORE LINES, five other columns will appear.

Each bet must be made by selecting six numbers and it can be done manually or by allowing the system to randomly choose numbers, simply by clicking on the Quick Pick button.

Once the number of tickets you want to play has been decided, you just need to proceed with the payment and wait for the Polish lotto results to be published.

How much does a Polish Lotto ticket costs

The price of the lottery ticket for the Polish Lotto on LottoHoy starts at only € 1. This price is final and includes all costs of processing and purchasing tickets in official establishment or similar.

Chances of winning the Polish Lotto

The following table contains a summary of the probability you have of getting a prize in each of the prize levels, in addition to the prize estimate in each one of them.