Oz Lotto rewarded his loyalty with a prize

Otro ganador con la OZ Lotto

José María SB, a farmer in Baños de Encina province of Jaén, was one of the first customers of our online platform.

Initially LottoHoy offered the intermediation in the purchase of lottery of Spain (primitiva, bonoloto, el gordo, national lottery of Christmas, the football pool, and all the games that LAE organizes) in addition to the Euromillions.

In spite of the fact that José María had the chance to play any lottery simply by going to the Lottery Administration, he preferred to do it through the internet, for the convenience that meant to him.

As he told us, he was struck by the freshness of our website, it did not look like the lottery sales website of any of the administrations associated with LAE.

He contacted with our customer service department, and he liked our explanations on the security and services and then he opened a user account and made his first deposit and his first purchases.

The third purchase of the Primitiva he made, corresponded to the draw of July 27, 2017, and he was one of the 209 winners of the third category, which reported to him € 2,301.91.

I have never won anything, you brought me luck! He told us immediately after receiving our communication confirming that he was the winner and that the amount of the prize was deposited into his account and that was at his disposal from that moment.

With Oz Lotto, the fortune returns to smile

In June of this year, LottoHoy made a swap to a new platform, from which the users will be able to access to international lotteries where everyone could opt for such spectacular jackpots. And Jose Maria did not hesitate just one moment and confirmed his account on the new platform.

When we informed him that we were adding to the offer of lotteries a new list of international lotteries he had a lot of questions:

How about these lotteries? They’re worth it?

Of course, Australian lotteries do not withhold taxes at origin!
A couple of them do not generate accumulative jackpots, but it has the advantage that they offer fixed prize amounts for the various categories!
They have low bet prices! …

He made his first purchase for the five draws of that week: Mon & Wed Lotto, Oz Lotto, PowerBall AU and Saturday Lotto

And right in his first participation in the Oz Lotto, he was one of the 377 winners of the fourth category with a prize of AUD $ 406,80 (approximately € 257).
We do not know what fate awaits him for his plays in PowerBall AU, Mon & Wed Lotto and Saturday Lotto but our desire is that he does not go to the dark side, and that luck may be with him.