Mega Sena Lottery Results

Estimated jackpot: R$56,000,000
Tier Match
Winners Payout per winner
Prize #1 I Match
Winners:   0 Payout per winner:   R$0.00
Prize #2 II Match
Winners:   99 Payout per winner:   R$41,893.09
Prize #3 III Match
Winners:   6,276 Payout per winner:   R$944.05
Total Sum: Total Winners:   6,375 :   R$10,072,273.71

Check the results of Mega Sena

To check the winning combination of the Mega Sena lottery drawings, simply compare the numbers in the combination shown on your ticket with the result shown on this page.

You can also access the user account, where all the movements will be reflected, including the prizes obtained

On this same page, you can also consult the accumulated, the winners and the prizes in each of the categories and the previous draws up to 24 months old.

How is the distribution of prizes?

In this page, you can see the winning combination of the last draw and the distribution of prizes corresponding to each one of the categories.

In case you are a registered user, the prizes obtained are deposited directly in the user account, and you can have money in your balance, so you can play again or ask for a withdrawal

Top prizes and Mega Sena lottery jackpots

The minimum guaranteed prize is R$2,000,000. The first category of prize is cumulative in case there is no winner in the draw, and the prize continues to accumulate without limit.

The largest accumulated jackpot in the history of this lottery was in 2017, which reached a record of 306,718,743, R$ 71 (equivalent to 49,074,999)
Mega Sena, is a lottery that we could consider “easy” and although it has a guaranteed minimum prize of 2,000,000 euros for the first category winners (6 hits), you do not usually get cumulative jackpots of super millionaire amounts like other European or American lotteries.

This is because it is often successful and there are many millionaires who have created this lottery.

The most frequent numbers in Mega Sena

Since the beginning of the draws in March 1996, the numbers that have been drawn most often have been

The so-called “hot numbers” 10, 53, 23, 5, 4 and 33
The so-called “cold numbers” 25, 55, 21, 22, 3 and 15

Of the main numbers, the ones that have had the most appearances are
– Number 10, with 262 apparitions
– Number 55, with 261 appearances

On the contrary, when we look at the numbers that have come up the least, we see that the number 26, has only had 187 appearances

And for those of you who love statistics:
– The most common pairs have been 5 and 33 or 5 and 27
– The consecutive pairs were 51 and 52 or 41 and 42
– The most common trios have been: 24-25 and 42
– And finally the consecutive trios were: 6-7 and 8