The Bondi Beach luck in the Mon & Wed Lotto

Bondi Beach reparte suerte Mon Wed Lotto

Bondi Beach is a beach near Sydney very popular among tourists, but since last May, it is also known that the fortune goddess of the Australian lotteries allied with a very lucky player twice in the same week.

The Mon & Wed Lotto draw on May 7 had a single winner who won the first prize of AUD $1,000,000, to which should be added the prizes of the third and fourth category, so the amount total amount won was AUD $1,020, 487 (approximately 646,000 €).

This story itself, would not have much of importance if it was not because that same unknown person, bought a second ticket for the Saturday Lotto draw on May 12, and all the stars were conjured for him and allow him to be also one of the seven winners of the Superdraw of that Saturday in the first category prize.

Of the AUD $20,000,000 prize to be distributed in that draw, AUD $ 1,428,571.43 corresponded to him, which added to the smaller prizes amounted to a total of AUD $ 1,457,834.33.

Odds of winning the lottery twice

Winning the first prize of any lottery is something that all players dream of, even if only once in a lifetime. But this lucky one got it twice in the same week.

It was something commented on Twitter, the account of the Lott, echoed the awards. While one of the tweeters questioned the veracity of the news with this comment ” Does this man really won the lottery twice in consecutive draws or are the main means of communication the spread of a false news ?. I did some math, and the odds of someone winning the lottery twice in two consecutive draws is about 1 in 160,000,000 over the history of the NSW lottery.

A second Twitter user answered that it was true, and a third party simply commented:  What a blessing! I with 1,000,000 would be happy! Enjoy it!

Meanwhile, the happy winner was thinking of buying a car and investing in real estate, probably right there, in Bondi.