Why you should play the Eurojackpot

Eurojackpot vs Euromillions

Quality – Price of the Eurojackpot lottery

In Europe there are 2 transnational lottery games (the Eurojackpot and the EuroMillions) that are jointly organized by several European countries: (18 countries jointly organize Eurojackpot, and 9 countries organize the EuroMillions).

The Eurojackpot was born as a result of the success of the EuroMillions, and and it duplicates an important part of the game structure, its rules and distribution of prizes.

However, there are considerable differences that the player must take into account when deciding where to play.

Many aspects have to be assessed:

  • The accumulated jackpots for any specific draw.
  • The price of the ticket.
  • The prize categories.
  • The distribution of money for each of the categories.
  • The odds of winning, etc …

Differences between the Eurojackpot and the Euromillions

As favorable aspects towards Eurojackpot, we need to highlight that there are 10 balls (or suns) that will determine the result, against the 12 “stars” of the Euromillions.

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 against 95 million in Eurojackpot, however, in the EuroMillions are 1 against 139.8 million.

Apparently it would be logical to think that it is better to play the Eurojackpot because it is more likely to win the first category prize, but … the minimum and maximum pot that one or another lottery puts into play are also very different.

And if we look at the odds among the various prize categories, we also see noticeable differences. In favor of Eurojackpot, the odds in the second category (5 + 1 sol) are 5.9 million against the 6.9 million in the Euromillions.

And on the other hand in EuroMillions there is a prize category with only 2 match numbers without a star (in Eurojackpot, the minimum category to get a prize is 2 numbers + 1 sun)

Eurojackpot has a weekly raffle every Friday, while EuroMillions holds 2 raffles per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Considering all the above, the conclusion is that if the player wants to obtain a large prize, he should preferably play the draw in which the biggest jackpot is offered. But if you want to have more probabilities to hit any of the prizes, even if they are of a lower amount, it is advisable to focus on Eurojackpot for the percentages of distribution of prizes between the categories.

The fixed percentages of distribution of prizes, are practically double in Eurojackpot that in Euromillions, with the exception of the predicted for first category (5 + 2).