How Alessia and Sabina shared a lottery prize

Sabina and Alexia share a prize

They have been friends since childhood in their native Carlton, in the State of Victoria, Australia. They swore eternal friendship and always shared everything, regardless of where destiny took to each of them.

It has been more than 15 years since they separated, due to their working life, until chance made them come together to celebrate something very special, to share a great lottery prize!

Sabina had graduated from the University of Melbourne, and directed her professional life in the city where she was born. Alessia on the other hand and once she finished her studies moved to the northern part of the country, specifically to the city of Darwin, where she works at the Hilton Darwin hotel.

During all these years, they did not stop maintaining a very close relationship, even despite the distance that separated them. They saw each other when their occupations allowed them and conspired together about boyfriends, work, family, etc … as if they were sisters.

What games did they play?

Sabina was a big fan of playing lotteries, she played frequently at the various raffles that are held in Australia: Oz Lotto, Mon & Wen Lotto, Saturday Lotto and the AU Powerball.

Sometimes she won a small prize in the raffles, small amounts that she invested again in new purchases, always dreaming that one day she would get an important prize to share.

That desire to share, became a reality one evening, after the draw of the AU Powerball.

One by one she was checking the numbers of the ticket her hands, the 7, 8, 15, 24 (Sabina’s hands began to shake, and she could hardly keep the ticket still), the the 26, the 2 , and the 35. She had fully hit the 7 main numbers of the winning combination.

With her eyes full of tears, she could not distinguish the extra number from PowerBall, she could see 3, which was the number she had on her ticket, and after a few seconds she could read the number 13. This extra number did not match with the one she had on her ticket, but she gave a cry that she might have felt in Darwin where Alessia resides.

She immediately called her “sister” Alessia and told her that she “had” played in the second prize of the draw PowerBall AU and that they would share the prize.

Days later and once aware of the scrutiny, they knew that there was another ticket with the same numbers matched, and that AUD $ 167,715.40 would be splitted between both tickets, which was equivalent to AUD $ 41,928.85 for each of them.

Alessia went down to Carlton, They signed both the ticket from behind and presented it together.