New € 100 and € 200 banknotes, Europa series

Nuevos billetes de euro

According to EuropaPress, today dated September 17, 2018, the European Central Bank (ECB) has announced that it plans to put the new banknote models into circulation for securities of 100 and 200 euros from May 28, 2019. These new tickets will be adapted to a few minor changes respect to those that are in circulation […]

The “pubs” in the UK, a place for meetings, games and lotteries

Pub inglés UK Lotto

The “Pubs” or “public house” is the preferred place for the English people to meet, have a beer and participate in some of the events organized by them. According to historians, the first knowledge of this type of establishment (groundsel), should be around the year 73 AD, as they arrived to the British Islands imported […]

Probabilities of winning La Primitiva

La Primitiva y sus probabilidades

Much has been written about the probabilities of matching the 6 numbers of the winning combination of La Primitiva. When a player fills in a ticket he usually does not think about the number of possible combinations that may exist. Searching the internet, either in pages that offer data on the La Primitiva draws, as […]

The “fortune cookies” that hid a prize of the US PowerBall

Powerball y las galletas de la suerte

Luck is so capricious that you can never know for sure where, how, or when, a person who plays the lottery will hit that winning combination that provides a good amount money to him. We all have that illusion when we play, but usually we do not pay much attention to signals that come to […]

The Eurojackpot gold

El oro del Eurojackpot

All the lotteries have their own logo, and in their ads they show an attractive image, something that picks attention of the public and invites them to participate in its draws. Actually the Eurojackpot goes a little further. Perhaps their logo is one of the most spectacular although it is simple in its design: two […]

The π (Pi) strategy for the lottery

La nueva estrategia PI

There are many writings on strategies to win lotteries, even books have been written, which are sold at a good price to make money, especially to those who have written them. Today we are going to show in a completely free way, the coolest strategy to use in the predictions of any of the world […]