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About tickets

Are they official lottery tickets? Am I buying real tickets?

All lottery tickets purchased at LottoHoy are official, sold by the official lottery agencies of each Country. Once the ticket is purchased, it is printed and kept in custody pending the official result of the draw.

In some cases it can be offered as an alternative to bet on the final result of a lottery.

Can I cancel my bets?

You can only cancel bets on those plays that have not yet been validated and the sale for that draw is closed.

As it would be the case of long-term payments or purchases before the end of the contracting period.

Can I choose some of the lines by myself and others using the “quick selection” tool?

Yes. You can choose the numbers yourself or randomly.

I would like to receive the tickets purchased in my house

Currently we do not send the tickets purchased physically. Once the ticket is purchased, it is printed and kept in custody pending the official result of the draw.

What does “quick-pick” mean?

The “quick-pick” tool allows you to fill in your ticket with random numbers.

What does the “Pending” message that appears in the following countdown draw box mean?

This message is displayed in the countdown box when the tickets for the next draw are no longer being sold and the system is waiting for the results of the draw.

What does the message mean “the tickets for the closest draw are no longer available”?

This message means that the tickets for the closest draw are not being sold anymore because admission has been closed for this draw.

The ticket sales for the closest draw finish approximately two hours before the draw. You can find detailed information about the hours of sale in point 3 of the Terms of use.

What does the number of lines means?

In other words, it’s about the number of tickets (columns) that you want to participate in a particular lottery.

Where can I check the purchased tickets?

To review the tickets you have purchased, go to the user panel and click on the “My tickets” tab.

Why do you sell the tickets at a slightly higher price than the official one?

At LottoHoy we offer official lottery tickets, therefore they have a pre-established price.

In order to cover the costs of managing the online platform, the agreements with the different suppliers and a small profit margin, sometimes it is necessary to increase slightly the final price.

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