La Grossa de Sant Jordi 2018, second edition of the draw

The Grossa Sant Jordi

As it happened last year at this time, Lotería de Catalunya puts into circulation the tickets for “La Grossa” of Sant Jordi.

After several draws of the New Years “La Grossa” that Lottery of Catalonia has been celebrating every December 31, the past year of 2017 they surprised us with an extraordinary draw for Sant Jordi, patron of Catalonia and that on the April 23 is celebrated together with the Day of the book.

On Sant Jordi, A book, a rose and the Grossa

In Catalonia the April 23 is also known as the day of the rose, since it is tradition to give a rose or a book to the beloved person. But from now onwards we will have a third gift : the book, the rose and “the Grossa”, that brings illusion in addition to love, and who knows if a rain of money.

Next April 23, the second draw of this “Grossa” of Sant Jordi will take place, a lottery with characteristics exactly equal to the draw of Cap d”Any and with an attractive main prize of € 100,000 per ticket bought at the price of €5

These are the prize categories for La Grossa :

  • A 1st. Prize of € 20,000 per euro played (€ 100,000 to the € 5 ticket)
  • A 2nd Prize of € 6,500 per euro played (€ 32,500 on the € 5 ticket)
  • A 3rd. Prize of € 3,000 per euro played (€ 15,000 to the € 5 ticket)
  • A 4th. Prize of € 1,000 per euro played (€ 5,000 to € 5 ticket)
  • And a 5th. Prize: € 500 per euro played (€ 2,500 to the € 5 ticket)

Plus other smaller prizes based on combinations of previous and subsequent numbers, hundreds, endings, of each and every one of the five prizes.

Valuation of the La Grossa prizes

The prizes distributed by La Grossa, are of the same category in first amounts as the extraordinary draws of the National Lottery, but the advantage is that being the cost of ticket only €5, the player can further diversify the possibilities and with the same amount of a single Christmas ticket or El Niño, with La Grossa, you can buy 4 different numbers and try your luck, although logically if you win the first prize, the amount of the profit will go in proportion to the value of the purchase.

But in any case in this lottery of La Grossa, the chances of obtaining the first prize are 1 / 80,000 unlike the Christmas or El Niño lottery that is 1 / 100,000.