Loto Chile, raffles and results

Loto Chile

In Chile there is a lot of fondness to play lottery. It calculates an amount higher than 200 million US dollars, which move the various games, basically divided between the two preferred operators: The lottery of the Conception and The Chilean Polla.

Games sold by Lotería de la Concepción

The lottery of the conception is the oldest, was created in 1921 by the hand of the University of the same name. Its origins were based on a raffle to help finance education and little by little its interest grew until it became the first authorised game; what was known as the traditional “lottery” ticket.

The lottery ticket

It is the oldest game, it is based on the lottery by numbers, that is, a ticket or ticket that has printed the numbers between 0 and 99,999, both inclusive.

Each number is divided into 20 fractions or twentieths (it is similar to the National Lottery of Spain, in which each number is divided into 10 tenths) and each of these fractions that contains the complete number and in the same order as the result of the draw. , receives a prize of $ 25,000,000 CLP.

The raffle is held on Sundays, and in addition to the main prize, it distributes up to 1800 more prizes in various categories. The price of the loto by fraction or twentieth is $ 100 CLP.


A game of chance based on guessing the numbers that will come out in the draws. To play, you must choose 14 numbers out of 25 possible. The draws are held on Wednesdays and Sundays and to get a prize you must hit 14, 13, 12, 11 or 10 of the 25 numbers that are drawn.

The Prize for the first category (14 hits) can be accumulated to each draw in case there are no acertantes of that category.

The price of the basic bet is $ 250 CLP, which can be increased by participating in complementary bets.

Kino 5

It is a variation of the initial Kino of very similar characteristics, this game was born in 2005, 5 numbers should be chosen out of 36 possible, and those who guess 5, 4, 3 or 2 numbers of the 7 that are raffled will win.

It is played every day, from Monday to Sunday and the bet price is $ 500 CLP, and you can participate in 3 special raffles each day for a prize of $ 10,000,000 CLP at an additional price of $ 250 CLP.

Al Fin le Achunté

A third chance to play that consists of choosing 7 numbers from among 30 possible, plus an extra number between 1, 2 or 3, for a price bet of $ 1,500 CLP. and it is raffled every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

You get a prize by hitting 7, 6, 5, 4 full and also hitting 6, 5, 4 or 3 main numbers plus the extra number.

Features of the Concepción Loto

Lottery Price Prize greater Possibilities
Ticket Concepción 100 CLP 25,000,000 CLP 1 x 100,000
Kino 250 CLP Without limit boat 1 x 4,451,400
Kino 5 500 CLP Without limit boat 1 x 376,992
Finally I Achieved 1,500 CLP Unlimited pot 1 x 2,035,800

Loto products sold by La Polla de Beneficencia

In 1934, the state itself created its own operator, La Polla Chilena de Beneficencia, and since then both operators have shared most of the economic pie of games and lottery bets.

Classic loto

It is the flagship product, it would fall within the so-called lottery games that numbers must be hit. Players must choose 6 numbers from a table containing 41 squares numbered from 1 to 41 inclusive and a seventh number called a wild card. It is drawn 3 times a week. (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays).

The price of the single bet is $ 1000 CLP. It has eight categories of awards, guessing 6, 5, 4 and 3 of the main numbers and is also awarded by hitting 5 + wild (Super Quina), 4 + wild (Super Quarter) 3 + wild (Super Term) and 2 + wild (Super Dupla).

This is a game that allows multiple types of bets that complement each other and add to the main one:

    • Revenge, with a complement of $ 300 CLP, the player and with the same 6 main numbers, can turn his profit into millions.
    • Retaliation. With a complement of another $ 200 CLP, the player accesses the millionaire jackpots that accumulate for this section.
    • Multiplier. Another possibility to access additional prizes and multiply your prize between 2 and 7 times. For an amount of $ 500 CLP, which must be added to the price of the Simple + Revancha + Desquite bet.
    • Now, yes. For an additional $ 100 CLP that must be added to the price of the Simple + Revancha + Desquite bet, the player has up to a fourth chance to access millionaire prizes.
    • Retirement. As its name may indicate, it is a special prize that will consist of receiving a monthly payment for 20 years. There are also other possibilities of winning in this draw. To be able to access these prizes, the player must pay an additional $ 400 CLP plus those corresponding to the amount of the single ticket + Revenge + Retaliation + Now if so. In total for this bet an amount of $ 2,000 CLP.

Polla Ticket

Similar in its configuration to the Concepción lottery ticket, that is, number lottery. Each number is made up of 20 fractions or twenties.

The winning combination is made up of 5 numbers between 0 and 99,999 plus a 6th number that will reward the twentieth part of the ticket.

Other possibilities to play are games such as Loto 3 and Loto 4, consistent in each case with the numbers that configure the winning combination. You get a prize by hitting any of the numbers drawn and in any order, but of course the jackpot will be for the winners of the 3 numbers and in the same order for Loto3, and correct the 4 and in the same order for Loto 4.

Lottery sports bets like Polla Gol, based on football match predictions, similar to the Quiniela in Spain. Xperto Polla also for sporting events both nationally and internationally.

Also part of the selection of game opportunities offered by La Polla Beneficencia, there is the game of Racha, with two daily draws on 20 pre-established numbers, and the game of Raspes, with the raspa y gana system.

Features of Loto Polla Welfare

Lottery Price Jackpot Possibilities
Loto La Polla 1,000 CLP Unlimitedboat 1×4,500,000
ticket La Polla 2,000CLP 10,000,000 * CLP 1 x 100,000
Loto 3 100 CLP 40,000 CLP 1 x1000
Loto 4250CLP 475,000 CLP 1 x 10,000

* 5 prizes of that same amount

Comparison between the loto of Chile, and the lotteries of Europe and the USA

With the possibility of being able to use the online platforms, the players of Chile, as of any other country of the America Latina or the world, they have in their hands the tool to play lotteries in Europe and the USA, which are the lotteries that come to accumulate the most spectacular jackpots.

The jackpots or jackpots have been taken over by the American lotteries, The PowerBall US, gave a prize of $ 1.58 billion (approximately 1,086,433,335,625, – CLP, a real madness difficult to read)

The other big lottery of USA is The MegaMillions, recently had a single winner that hit the winning combination with a jackpot of US $ 1,600 million (1,100,185,656,329, – CLP, figures that dizzy)

Instead, European lotteries par excellence , they have limited the jackpot up to a certain amount, and from that amount the amounts that were accumulated from that top figure (190 million euros in the case of EuroMillions, and 90 million euros in the case of Eurojackpot) they split between the lower prize categories.

Let’s see next a comparative breakdown between the most representative lotteries in Chile, Europe and America.

Lottery Price Jackpot or jackpot Probabilities
Minimum Maximum
Ticket Conception 100 CLP Collection 25,000,000 CLP 1 x 100,000
Kino 250 CLP Collection Unlimited 1 x 4,457,400
Polla Ticket  2,000 CLP Collection 10,000,000 * CLP 1 x 100,000
Loto Polla 1,000 CLP Collection Unlimited 1 x 4,500,000
EuroMillions 2.50 €

(1963.91 CLP)

17,000,000 € 190,000,000 € 1 x 76,275,360
Eurojackpot € 2.00€


€ 10,000,000 € 90,000. 000 € 1 x 95,344,200
PowerBall US 2 USD

(1375.23 CLP)

35,000,000 USD Unlimited 1 x 292,201,338
MegaMillions 2 USD

(1375.23 CLP)

40,000,000 USD Unlimited 1 x 302,575,350