Why women win more in the Polish Lotto

Women win more in Polish Lotto

Women and the Polish Lottery

Lately we had noticed an increase in the number of prize-winning women in the Polish Lotto, something that caught our attention, and we decided to conduct a small study about it.

The conclusion of it is clear. The sample indicates that only 16% of players in this lottery are women. But, in percentage, when it comes to getting the right combinations of the lottery, there are 61% of women winners against 39% of male winners.

Women are in trend better players in the lottery than men. We know that every man and woman is totally different, but in a statistical trend it has been shown that women are much more skilled at gambling and the lottery, and they win more thanks to the fact that they are a little more constant in these games.

Reasons why women win more in the lottery

Below, we will list some of the reasons why women, we believe, win more in the Polish Lotto than men:

    • They are more dreamy: In comparison with men, women have much more varied dreams. Women invest a lot more in the lottery and its study. They see it more as an investment, because winning would help finance the realization of a dream.
    • Practical use of numbers: Women tend to keep a number combination, and that makes them more likely to win, since it is known that this is a technique used to win the lottery.
    • Persevere: They are much more persevering than men. You do not win any prize in the lottery very frequently, sometimes you can spend some time to hit a prize.
      Men get frustrated very easily and tend to leave the game much faster than women.
    • Remember dates and patterns: Women have better numerical memory. It is a proven fact that women can remember dates better. They are also very agile to detect patterns in lotteries which increases their probability of winning.
  • Intuition: The statistics prove that women have a very developed instinct in what intuition refers. Therefore this intuition, or sixth sense, is a very used quality when playing the Polish Lotto, and is one of the reasons why women win more in this lottery.

Women and the online lottery

Until not long ago, it seemed that women were not as attracted to gambling, betting and the lottery as men were; but this has changed over time, making that not only on the lottery but in other games of chance have much more participation.

Online lottery platforms like LottoHoy facilitate that possibility, in addition to providing information for the statistics of your bets, studying patterns, techniques and ways to win, allowing you to have a higher rate to win the lottery.